BINGE NOW: Season 4 of Change Agents, the podcast, is available everywhere you listen. And the Illinois Coalition to End Permanent Punishments is featured!

This season Change Agents is exploring efforts to remove barriers holding back the formerly incarcerated from leading Fully Free lives.

The podcast tells our story, and how our organization transforms both our own lives and our communities.

Change Agents doesn’t just report on communities, but with communities. We work with organizations doing exceptional work — often led by people who have been impacted themselves.

Deepest thanks to Judith McCrayMaurice BisaillonNicole Nir, and others on the Juneteenth Productions, @Change Agents, and DePaul University teams.

We hold a special place in our ??? for Jane Carlson of Tri States Public Radio (, our journalism partner. Her passion for this work and solutions-based journalism are inspiring. Honored to have Melissa Young included in our episode!

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