Privacy policy and data collection:

Demographic questions ask about the characteristics of human populations, including gender & sex, age, race & ethnicity, geography, and income. In research, demographic questions are oftentimes an important and integral part of the study and data. However, there is a risk to both the participant and the data in asking demographic questions. Asking about demographics can feel triggering to the participant making them feel unsafe, which is why questions need to be framed in a culturally sensitive way and asked at the right time.

Demographic questions should only be asked when it is necessary and the data will be used. We have chosen to collect the demographic data and by collecting it, we are more deeply understanding populations and their particular needs while screening for ineffectiveness in certain populations. Demographic data is a powerful tool to draw comparisons between our campaigns and participants’ personal experiences.

We will never share your personal or demographic data, text messaging opt-in data, or consent with any third party.